Trial photoshoot

Apart from driving and motorsport, the other thing that I loved doing is photography. Combine these two together? Even better. I have been shooting since years ago, took a hiatus, and planning to get back active this year. So what better than to start off with shooting my ride?

So, on one fine night, my friend and I found this well lit parking space with accommodating guards who were kind enough to leave us alone. We just had our time snapping away. Enjoy !

Well, the rim’s full of dust, and bumper crack’s spoiling the clean lines. But hey, that’s what a racing car should look like, right ? A bit of battle scar adds a lot of character (LOL trying to think positive). One day I’ll give this baby a well deserved nicely planned photo shoot.


5 Responses to Trial photoshoot

  1. Zul says:


    good to see another 180sx owner setting up a blog.

    if you’re ok with it…i’d like to link ur blog to mine.

    • andyboey says:

      hey thanx for the link man, appreciate it. Was trying to view ur blog but it was restricted. Mind to share?

  2. Zul says:

    sure. pass me ur email address and ill grant u permission šŸ™‚

  3. Miracle says:

    Fast 180x you got there bro…i knew it..

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